Coring Details

Core sampling equipment includes various types of core-barrels, suitable either for soil or rock coring. The core equipment aims to achieve continuous and high quality core and to meet any core recovery requirement.

Conventional (metric) core barrels include single- or double-tube core barrels (“T” series). Wireline core barrels include core barrels of “P”, “H” and “N” size. Split-type conventional core barrels (T6S) and triple-tube wireline core barrels (PQ3, HQ3, NQ3) are also available for better recovery in soft and fractured rock masses. “Shelby” tube and “Terzaghi” (SPT) core barrel are also available for sampling in clayey and sandy soil formations. Finally, “non-coring” set-ups are available either with wing or surface-set “non-coring” bits, for drilling applications without coring requirements.