Occupational Health & Safety

Geotest is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment to its personnel, associates, partners, and those who may be involved to the company’s activities. We recognize that occupational health and safety and overall well-being of human capital are among the main building blocks for our success and growth aspirations. As a result the company has achieved a zero Lost-Time Injury frequence rates (LTIFR).
Our company adopts measures and procedures focusing on the prevention of occupation-related accidents, injuries and illnesses. All members of field team are physically health, fit-to-work and they are subjected to complete medical examinations on regular basis.

Technical Staff

The technical staff is especially trained and always works under supervision in order to comply with the Health and Safety regulations concerning personal protective equipment, protective clothing, first aid etc, in accordance with the Standard Operatio nal Procedures.

Safety Engineer & Occupational Doctor

The Safety Engineer and Occupational Doctor fully understand all the peculiarities of any investigation site-area. Their main duty is to inspect the drilling sites and the equipment so as to ensure the compliance with the appropriate institutional framework. In addition, they are responsible to perform safety inspections, keep medical records, cite dangerous areas/procedures, recommend corrective procedures, to maintain and ensure the supply and availability of safety equipment and to ensure that all members of staff are medically fit-to-work.


Drilling equipment of Geotest is certified and safe for the designed work. It is regularly subjected to inspections and maintained to keep high levels of safety and reliability in order to prevent any potential dangerous situations, accidents or damages. Geotest has a permanent engineer team for maintaining, inspecting, fixing rigs as well as keeping maintenance and service records.

Warehouse - Stock - Repairs

Geotest maintains a warehouse with a big stock of drilling equipment and spare parts. The warehouse and logistics are operated by special staff and they are remotely monitored. The monitoring is taking place by a customized “on-demand” software, suited controlling and viewing the logistics of drilling equipment.