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Eldorado Gold, Olympias Infill, Greece

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Project Information

Olympias gold-lead-zinc underground mine has a reported reserves of 2 Moz gold. All drilling works are conducted inside the Olympias mine and aim to provide additional boreholes to increase geological confidence.
  • Client :Eldorado Gold
  • Location :Greece
  • Year launched :2020
  • Status :Ongoing
  • Value :8.5M €
  • Drilled :>60,000 meters

Project Description

The infill program targeted a drilling grid spacing between 7.5 and 15m. Three (3) underground rig are deployed to execute both downward and upward boreholes with a maximum length of approximately 150m. Maintaining high-productivity and deliver on time is crucial for the mine as newly upgraded resources may go into the production within the next few months after drilling.

Project Challenge

Hard constraints for this project originates from the fact that drilling needs to be concluded quickly before the infill areas are given to the production team.

  • Upward and downward boreholes of up to 150m
  • Good drilling conditions but occasionally drilling through faults
  • Tide space conditions


Several infill-drilled areas have been successfully drilled and delivered to the production teams for mining. Better geological modelling and sulfide geometry is now better understood. New ore lenses also discovered in the deepest part of the mine.

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