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Rockfire Resources geotechnical drilling, Molaoi, Greece

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Project Information

Recently launched geotechnical drilling program that aims to provide valuable information on rock competence.
  • Client :Rockfire Resources
  • Location :Molaoi, Greece
  • Year launched :2022
  • Status :Ongoing
  • Value :1M €
  • Drilled :2,000 meters

Project Description

The first geotechnical holes are designed to confirm correlation with previous assay results, and to gather geotechnical orientation and structural data to refine the interpretation of the orebody at Molaoi.

They will be used to obtain core for compressive strength tests, which help to inform mining engineers of rock strengths when loads are applied and reduced in an actual mining scenario.

Rockfire expects to follow up with more holes following initial drilling, in order to collect geotechnical information throughout the entire resource and beyond.

Project Challenge

First results revealed bad ground conditions which will require delicate handling, cautious drilling and best rigs and crews to fullfill the task.

  • Bad geotechnical ground conditions
  • Heavily deformed geological structure
  • Triple-tube wireline method to assist in core recovery


Excellent core recovery reported so far given the difficulty drilling ground conditions. The oriented core will clearly help decipher ground support and mining methods.

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