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Thracean Gold Mining, Perama exploration, Greece

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Project Information

Perama Hill is a high sulfidation epithermal gold deposit hosted within sandstone, conglomerate and andesite of the Petrota graben in NE Greece. In the central portion of the deposit the ore is oxidized to at least 100m whereas on the margins the oxidation thins out to 15 to 20m.
  • Client :Eldorado Gold
  • Location :Greece
  • Year launched :2013
  • Status :Finished
  • Value :2 M€
  • Drilled :4,500 meters

Project Description

The Perama project has significant upside potential for both high-grade mineralization associated with feeder zones underlying the deposit, and for stratigraphically-controlled lenses downdip from the Perama South deposit. One (1) surface drilling rig was mobilized for exploration and geotechnical reasons to investigate and help build the Perama project.

Project Challenge

Early project build up with exploration and geotechnical boreholes.

  • Variable rock conditions
  • Geotechnical drilling with oriented core
  • High recovery to support metallurgical tests


Since it was the beginning of the Perama project, our findings supported early R&R estimation of early understanding of the geotechnical conditions before the Client submit the technical studies for exploitation permitting.

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