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Imerys Bauxite Exploration, Parnassos Mt. Greece

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Project Information

Recently halted exploration project in Fokida mining district, Central Greece targeting bauxite ore within the limestone series of Parnassos geotectonic zone. Drilling operations were supported by four (4) surface diamond core rigs, at the peak, drilling vertical and inclined boreholes ranging from 250m to 700m, in depth.
  • Client :Imerys
  • Location :Central Greece
  • Year launched :2018
  • Status :Finished
  • Value :14M €
  • Drilled :>70,000 meters

Project Description

Wireline core drilling through a thick sedimentary sequence made of flysch-type material or carbonates. Several localities were explored with boreholes of 250-700m of depth, either vertical or with an inclination of up to-60 degrees.

Project Challenge

Drilling in remote places has always been a challenge.

  • Remote drilling often in elevations of >1200m
  • Accumulated snow in excess of 2m in wintertime
  • Carbonate subsurface openings
  • Possible drilling-induced collapses
  • Bad geotechnical conditions of the overburden


According to estimations, the executed 3-year drilling project successfully proven the existence of new ore bodies which might reach a total of slightly above 1Mt of good quality bauxite.

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