Environmental Management

Geotest, after taking into consideration the local environmental conditions of the investigation area, executes continuous controls and most importantly cares for the full compliance with the environmental legislation. In this way, our aim is to refrain from any possible environmental damage.

The specialized and educated technical staff of Geotest is continuously attempting to provide advice on site, checking for the prompt implementation procedures for the environmental protection measures and finally apply the efficient solutions for environmentally friendly design.

Environmental Friendly Methods

  • Small scale earthworks.
  • Recycling of drilling-fluid for water saving purposes only by using environmentally approved drilling fluid additives
  • Setting of drilling sites taking into consideration the accessibility, permitting or traffic issues.
  • Full restoration of drilling sites.

Environmental Measures

  • Sprinkling of drilling site and roads for minimizing dust production.
  • Noise control of earthworks and drilling procedures for the protection of fauna and flora as well as the inhabited areas, with :
    • - Installation of moving noise barriers around noisy investigations sites.
    • - Setting of specific traffic routes for the heavy-duty vehicles.
    • - Fast production and completion of drilling works.
  • Selection of non-hazardous and non-toxic substances that may harm groundwater quality or health.
  • Collection and management of wastes.
  • Fire-safety and emergency plan.
  • Environmental accident safety plan (in case of fuel leaks).
  • Safety signs and emergency telephone numbers.
  • First aid kit in every drilling team.
  • Surface water control.