Case Studies

Geotest through its continuous activity in the domains of Geotechnical and Mining exploration has successfully acquired significant experience in big drilling and consulting projects in Greece, on- or off-shore. This is further improved by cooperating with well-known multinational companies (Golder Associates, Jacobs, Polymetra, Fugro). Clients include, among else, Mining Companies, Constructions, and Transportation Firms as:

Eldorado Gold Corp, Hellas Gold, Thrace Minerals, Grevena - Kozani Mines, PPC-Hellas, Terna Mag, Aktor, Attiko Metro-Athens Subway, European Bauxites, ERGAOSE (Greek Railways). Undertaken activities include:

  • Core drilling (wireline or conventional methods)
  • Rotary percussive drilling
  • Core Orientation
  • Downhole Survey
  • Water Pressure Field Tests
  • Geological and Geotechnical Core Logging
  • Three Dimensional Geological Modelling
  • Ore Reserves Estimation
  • Installation of monitoring instrumentation (inclinometers, piezometers, extensiometers)

We have achieved some outstanding results on various projects. Our focus on delivering operational excellence, implementing innovative drilling technologies and techniques and a strong commitment to safety ensures that we deliver success in the most challenging environments. The case studies below emphasize some of our achievements in providing the appropriate services.

  • El Dorado- Hellas Gold: 70.000 meters in three years

    Wireline core drilling on surface and underground with double and triple tube at depths up to 900m with continuous core orientation, downhole survey, water pressure field depths up to the 800m depth with innovative packer systems. Exploration and geotechnical drilling and services (laboratory testing, core logging and geotechnical analyses) aiming to update ore reserves estimate and to aid the geotechnical design of surface and underground works.

  • Imerys Industrial Minerals S.A.: Exploration in Fokida Bauxite Mines, Central Greece

    Exploration drilling at IMERYS’s Bauxite Mine at Fokida, in Central Greece, includes exploration for Bauxite Ore inside the Limestone Series of Parnassos Geotectonic Zone. Drilling operations include operation of three (3) surface diamond core rigs drilling vertical and inclined holes ranging in depths from 200m – 600m from surface.

  • Athens Subway: Monitoring in Urban areas of Thessaloniki during construction

    Installation of Monitoring instrumentation at Thessaloniki Metro Stations and Tunnels at Thessaloniki, Greece. Vertical and inclined drilling for installation of inclinometers, standpipe and vibrating-wire piezometers, extensiometers as well as core holes to check jet-grouting efficiency aiming to monitor the influence of the subway tunneling at the surrounding structures.

  • AKTOR : Optimization of Environmental Monitoring

    Optimization of Groundwater and environmental monitoring by construction of water wells, monitoring piezometers and pumping tests at the proposed areas of Mine Wastes Management facilities at Skouries Gold Mine at Chalkidiki, Greece

  • Terna Mag: Ore reserves estimation and Geotechnical Design

    Exploration Drilling and Geotechnical Investigation at Magnesite Mine at Euvoia, Central Greece, aiming to update ore reserves estimates and to assist the geotechnical design of surface and underground works though engineering laboratory testing and analytical geotechnical core logging.

  • Perama Hill Gold Mine Project

    The "Perama Hill" Gold Project is located in a rural area, 1km southwest of Perama village, about 25km west – northwest of Alexandroupolis and 20km south of Sapes with altitude between 250 – 300m. This is a major development project in the region of Thrace, which will provide economic development and new job positions.
    The deposit spreads about 750m in the N-S direction and has a width of about 300m at the E-W direction. It has a thickness ranging from 15-20m its the edges and about 125m in its central part. It is a bedded epithermal volcanic – sedimentary deposit with fine grained gold mineralization which is mainly hosted in sandstones and less in volcanic breccias and andesitic tuffs.

  • Skouries Gold Mine Project

    The project belongs in Cassandra mine complex. It is located in the Municipality of Aristotle in the region of Northern Macedonia, approximately 100km from Thessaloniki. It is 11km away from Stratoni port, 11km from Palaiochori village and 3km SE from Megali Panagia village. It is located on a hilly area with an average altitude of 620m. This is a major development project in the region of Macedonia, which will provide economic development and new job positions.
    The Skouries copper-gold deposit is situated within the Serbo-Macedonian Massif and is consisted of tectonic and metamorphic Paleozoic rocks. The deposit is hosted predominately in a near vertical pipe – shaped porphyry stock with diameter 200m and depth 800m.


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