In 2019 Geotest S.A. has achieved zero LTI's Rate

About Us

Geotest Consulting Engineers has been successfully operating for the last twenty years in the scientific domain of Mineral Resources Exploitation combining the specialized scientific staff with the technologically advanced machinery and equipment. Taking into account all the peculiarities of the existing business environment, Geotest has managed to integrate the traditional drilling experience in the up-to-date techniques and methods which enable the efficient design and exploitation of mineral resources. Having participated in large engineering and mineral resources projects and by collaborating with international engineering consultants (Golder Associates, Jacobs, Polymetra, Fugro, Imdex Group, IPI) the company has acquired admirable experience. Moreover, the provided services have been adapted to the modern geotechnical and mineral investigation practices as well as in the mine design. In particular:

• Core orientation
• Downhole survey and digital display/imaging (borehole televiewer)
• Water pressure tests (packer tests)
• Geotechnical/ geological services evaluation according to international standards
• Ground modelling
• Mining reserve estimation
• Monitoring installation

The modern drilling rigs (CE certified), play a significant role in executing the aforementioned projects and further secure high productivity levels as well as satisfy the security requirements.

Providing a safe and healthy work environment to its staff, associates and partners is considered a top-priority. So our company adopts measures and procedures focusing on the prevention of occupation-related accidents, injuries and illnesses, so as to improve health and safety standards.

Structured to Meet Customer’s Needs

Our company’s reputation has been built on providing professional drilling and consulting services. We accommodated the provided services since our clients have very different needs when they implement exploration drilling programs compared to operating once production has commenced.

Our company’s structure has been built aiming to respond quickly. Τhe exploration teams can be mobilized immediately providing flexible drilling solutions while the production provides sustainable services focused on delivering to the mine plan. At Geotest, we still remain focused on offering best solutions, not just to achieve meters drilled.

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